Basic Physician Training (BPT)

Important Date

Specialty Board of BPT

Objectives: For member and non-member trainees
  • to provide information on examination
    • requirements for annual assessment
    • requirements for exit examinations
    • dates and venues of examinations
  • to provide information on training
    • quidelines for basic physician training and training in all specialties
    • membership and programme directors of different specialty boards
    • list of trainess under different specialty boards
  • to facilitate communication between trainees and College
    • College news and notices
    • submission of dissertation through e-mail
Training Checklist
  1. Submit trainee registry:  BPT Trainee Registry Update (27 June 2023)
  2. Pay BPT Registration fee to HK College of Physicians
  3. Fill in BPT logbook regularly
  4. Fill in BPT Assessment forms A & B (word format) regularly (3-6 monthly) 
  5. Attend 2 out of 3 conferences each year
    • Advances in Medicine (by CUHK), usually in June-July
    • Hong Kong Medical Forum (by HKU), usually in June-July
    • Annual Scientific Meeting (by HK College of Physicians), usually in November
  6. Complete Self Learning Tool ("SLT") 3 times per year (4-month cycle with deadlines in Feb, Jun and Oct every year).
  7. Joint HKCPIE/MRCP(UK) examinations