Information on examination dates for specialties
BPT Board and Specialty Board Membership 2017-2019
Sir David Todd Memorial Scholarship
Conferment Ceremony on 21 October 2017
Fellowship, Membership and Joint HKCPIE/MRCP applications
At our recent Council Meeting, the Council decided that with immediate effect, trainees, who wish to apply for Joint HKCPIE/MRCP examinations (including Part I, Part II and PACES), College Memberships and Fellowships, are advised to send the relevant application forms to the College Secretariat via double registered mails, should they wish the documents to be duly delivered to the College. Our College will not be responsible for loss of mails in the application process, including delivery failures due to insufficient postage fees.

Dr Chan Wai Man Johnny
Hon Secretary

Training opportunities in UK
Doctors for Climate Action and the Global Consensus Statement on the health impacts of climate change
Newsletter of Hong Kong Society of Gastroenterology
Letter to Fellows and Trainees
Arrangements in case of bad weather for Joint HKCPIE/MRCP(UK) examinations
Arrangement for Annual and Exit Assessments for Hoisting of Black Rainstorm Signal and Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No.8 or Above
Palliative Care: Setting the scene for the future
Dissertation (updated on 26 September 2005)
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